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April 2021 Reading Group title announced!

I am pleased to announce the next Mitchell Mystery Reading Group title! This April, I will moderate weekly discussions of Gladys Mitchell’s moody 1943 wartime mystery, Sunset over Soho. This is currently one of the author’s more elusive books -- translation: out of print -- but when I asked the site subscribers, most of those interested in taking part said they have or will be able to obtain a copy. (Apologies to those who said they will need to wait until the next group reading this winter.) American Kindle owners can download the ebook from Amazon inexpensively, but print editions are costly to obtain.

Sunset over Soho has long been an enticing title to revisit, and I have been meaning for years to take another look. If you would like to be part of the discussion over the month of April, I ask readers to please send me your observations (e.g., a couple paragraphs of observations or opinion) for a targeted group of chapters each Tuesday, and I will curate, assemble, and share them in a post by that weekend on my blog. My email is . Many intriguing conversations have resulted from previous group title readings, and there is much to discuss with this one. You can view past blog entries by clicking on the Mitchell Mystery Reading Group link in the right side Categories column accompanying this post. Let’s look at Sunset over Soho using this reading schedule: TUES. APRIL 6 – Comments due for Chapter 1 “Blitz” through Chapter 6 “Mermaid” TUES. APRIL 13 – Comments due for Chapter 7 “Fugitive” through Chapter 12 “Tryst” TUES. APRIL 20 – Comments due for Chapter 13 “Castaway” through Chapter 18 “Angels” TUES. APRIL 27 – Comments due for Chapter 19 “Prodigal” through Chapter 23 “Meeting” Of course, readers are welcome to read ahead, but please make notes of future chapters and send those comments on the appropriate week. And if you would rather read along with us but not send in weekly comments, that’s fine too! Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to revisiting this Mrs. Bradley mystery, and I promise that December’s chosen title will be one that is currently in print and available to all!


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