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Documents Presented in the Case for Gladys Mitchell

I have assembled articles, overviews, interviews, critical analyses, and miscellany to better appreciate Gladys Mitchell and her works. Please select a link to begin reading.  

GLADYS MITCHELL: A BIOGRAPHY - B.A. Pike's 1976 portrait of the mystery author's life and times

INTERVIEW WITH GLADYS MITCHELL - a question and answer session with B.A. Pike that offers some great information, including the author's preferences of reading material, how she writes and her personal favorite books

BEATRICE ADELA LESTRANGE BRADLEY: AN INTRODUCTION - Nicholas Fuller's detailed study of Gladys Mitchell's unique detective, exploring the sleuth's personality, family and world

ON MRS. BRADLEY - B. A. Pike's detailed essay examining the life and times of Beatrice Adela Lestrange Bradley

ARTISTIC DIFFERENCE - Jason Half's essay explaining what separates Gladys Mitchell's writing from the rest of the pack

DEATH AND THE MAIDEN - Edwin Stockdale's affectionate poem and tribute to the author

A CRITICAL APPROACH - B. A. Pike's essay offering a critical perspective of Gladys Mitchell's works; very knowledgeable and thoughtful


THE GOLDEN AGE - Gladys Mitchell's reminiscences on the Detection Club

THE LAST OF THE GOLDEN AGE WRITERS - William A. S. Sarjeant's overview of Gladys Mitchell's life and works

BATHTUBS AND GLADYS MITCHELL - Andrew Osmond's essay on a popular Mitchell motif: the deadliness of a drawn bath

MRS. BRADLEY ON TV - Two articles by Andrew Osmond examining the recent television series based on Gladys Mitchell's books

THE BEST AND THE WORST (Lists) - Devoted Mitchell readers share their lists of the most- and least-favorite Mrs. Bradley titles they've encountered


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